Everything you do on you site should have one overriding objective – turning visitors into leads! The only way to verifiably do this is to capture their contact information – at minimum first name and e-mail address.

Most every visitor that finds your website has a problem that they want solved. But each potential customer/client is at a different stage of the buying/decision making process. Although some are ready to buy now, most are still in the process of gathering information.

Spa-Pool-Marketing-Success-Download-Report-858-442-3131Regardless of what stage of the buying process they are in, you want be able to provide useful information that a potential customer can use to help them make an informed decision.

A Special Report is one of your best and easiest vehicles for delivering your educational message. Special Reports are FREE and generally a little longer than a brochure and a bit more detailed. Its purpose is to provide needed information that your prospect couldn’t get anywhere else, thus building value in the mind of your prospective client (many times before you even meet in person).

Our “Done For You” special report eervice includes writing a unique report for your business and helping you get it set up on your website

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Automatically Follow Up with Leads and Current Customers Using E-mail

Here are just a few reasons you should be utilizing e-mail marketing:

  • The average person checks their e-mail 2 or more times each day – how about you?
  • It builds long lasting relationships, relationships that foster trust and trust that makes you money
  • It keeps you top of mind (TOM), so you’re the first person your e-mail list members think of the next time they want or need your products and services.
  • E-mail has the ability to increase customer retention and referrals

The secret to “follow-up marketing” is to make it automatic so that you don’t get caught up in the details of following up, yet still maintain an effective follow-up system. With today’s technology it’s simpler than ever.

Spa-Pool-Marketing-Success-E-Mail-Marketing-858-442-3131“Done For You” E-mail Marketing:

– Create a Prospect follow-up autoresponder* sequence including specific calls to action. Timing and message development will be based on company objectives.

– Create a Current Client Newsletter autoresponder* sequence including specific calls to action. Timing and message development will be based on company objectives.

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