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As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, it now takes more than your typical newspaper ad, radio spot and weekend home show to get the sales you used to get.  Why?  Because the dynamics of the spa and pool market have changed dramatically.  Shouldn’t the way you market your business change too?

The fact is that the recession has fundamentally changed consumer buying habits.  More people are going to the Internet first to do their research before they ever set foot in your store.  But these days, just having a website is no longer good enough.

Why? Because 90%+/- of people searching for spas and pools on Google never search beyond page one. That means that for all practical purposes, if you’re not on page one, your business doesn’t exist and if your prospects can’t find you, they can’t buy from you…it’s that simple!

To make matters worse, take a look at all the time, money and resources you’ve already spent creating that beautiful website that 90% of your potential clients and customers may never see. How frustrating!

The bottom line is that if your current Internet marketing strategy isn’t generating the quality and quantity of leads you want and need, then stop doing it! If it isn’t working now, it won’t be working next week, next month or next year. But don’t give up on Internet marketing, here’s why…

In times like these, many of your competitors will slow down or even eliminate some or all of their marketing efforts.  This creates an opportunity for you to capture their customers if you already have systems in place to do so.

Your job is to take advantage of this opportunity and find those prospects that ARE ready, willing and able to buy and make sure that they buy from you, not your competition.

And guess what?  You don’t necessarily need more marketing money to generate more qualified leads.  Instead, it’s your ability to use the marketing money and resources you already have more effectively.

What you really need are sales generating systems that you can use to get a predictable and constant stream of qualified leads regardless of what’s going on around the block or around the world.

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These strategies were designed to help you outsmart, out-market, and outperform your competition.  In addition, all my strategies and methods will work regardless of which brand of pools and spas you sell.

Need proof our strategies work?  Check out our testimonials to see how we’ve been able to help other dealers all over the USA.  In addition, I encourage you to check out our complete list of “done for you marketing services.“

* Please note:  In order to protect our clients, we can  only work with one spa and pool dealer per geographic market.

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