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•(3:03) Revealing trends in the hot tub, pool and sauna industry trends

•(4:37) Startling stats from SpaRetailer and GE Capital •(5:45) Typical hot tub buyer habits - you gotta see this!

•(6:40) 6 critical things you must do to outperform your competition - this is key

•(7:39) Why traditional forms of advertising don't work like they used to

•(8:02) The dangerous trend of "stop and go" marketing" •(9:25) How to create residual marketing

•(10:16) Why your dealership deserves to be on page #1 of Google - it's not what you think

•(11:53) The 9 steps to internet marketing success for your dealership

•(12:49) The problem with most websites

•(13:50) Website SEO

•(15:01) How your business can dominate the search engines

•(17:20) Results from other dealers

•(18:06) Top 5 recommendations

•(20:12) Extremely valuable resource Hot Tub Marketing for Spa Dealers, Pool Builders and Sauna Retailers. Discover